Optimizing Canada's Innovation Assets


Determine Priorities

The CPTC works to continuously engage stakeholders to understand and prioritize their technology needs.

Create Programs

Research programs are developed to focus on priority technology needs. These projects are expected to:
  • Be run by a variety of organizations
  • Complement research done by others
  • Combine applied and academic components
  • Target long-term industry vision
  • Deliver near-term results

Enable Our Assets

The CPTC works to ensure that the pipeline sector utilizes the existing research capacity in Canada including researchers, students and facilities. It strives to build new capacity with existing research organizations where gaps exist and where new needs emerge.


The CPTC encourages collaboration at all levels:
  • Funding – coordinating joint funding of projects among industry, government and other sources to leverage contributions and to ensure projects address a broad spectrum of research priorities
  • Research – facilitating co-operation among applied researchers and academics to form multi-faceted project teams
  • Commercialization – working with supply chain partners to identify the best available technologies and to make new technologies and services available to industry as they are developed

Founding Partners

Canadian Association Of Petroleum Products

our company

The CPTC provides the opportunity for optimization of the existing assets and ongoing investments made in pipeline technology development across the country.